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The village of Northchapel is situated in the north-western corner of West Sussex, one mile to the south of the Surrey-Sussex county border, with the majority of the parish in the South Downs National Park. Northchapel is so named because its church was once a chapelry to the north of Petworth, but it became a separate parish in its own right in 1691. The population of Northchapel today is approximately 801.

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Northchapel Parish Council Meeting

Thursday 7th March 2024 Thursday 2nd May 2025 (annual meeting) The meetings in our Northchapel […]

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Ebernoe Church

Welcome to Ebernoe

Ebernoe is a small parish with around 201 residents.  The Parish of Ebernoe was not formally recognized until 1987.  This was when the three hamlets of Balls Cross, Ebernoe and Colhook united to form their own Parish.   With around 90 dwellings in the parish it is a wonder that there is so much about Ebernoe which entrances and intrigues so many people.